E-mail Forum


The E-mail Forum can be a productive and enjoyable vehicle for communication. The purpose of the Forum is to promote communication among BCPA members, and between members and the Association, to build a shared sense of community.

The Forum enhances communication and can help us increase the knowledge base of psychologists through professional interactions. It is a place where differences of opinion can be aired with courtesy and respect. Note that the Forum is not the official mode of communication between the Association and its members. Access to the Forum is an exclusive benefit of BCPA membership.

If you are interested in joining the Forum, please contact our office and make sure to review the Forum Guidelines [PDF]. Our Forum Guidelines have been updated in 2011, so make sure to review them again if you have not done that in a while.

Please note: before using the Forum to look for a referral, please consult our online referral service. Using the Forum to find a referral should only be done as a last resort.